This page will highlight the role and business structure of Rent-to-Own.

So basically, this is business that provides people with the equipment needed to increase production. In many cases, business owners in Zambia lack the capital to invest in equipment needed to meet the demand. This is where Rent-to-Own comes in.  In each region, there is a person called an “Agent” these people earn a commission on every piece that they rent. They have the responsibility of ensuring that payments are received and to provide any other support the customer requires. Payments are calculated based on the business plan and once the value of the equipment has been paid off, an additional 5% is paid to transfer ownership.

The first day in Lusaka, we saw a plainer head to a carpenters shop in the north. This will cut back on the amount of manual labour needed in a major way. This will change the way this shop functions and number of products they can produce as to satisfy demand.

My role in all of this is to be the connecting link between these Agents and the Rent-to-Own staff. I am working with Mr. Ndumba in Kabompo.

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