The Start

How it all began:

Engineers Without Borders for me, started the summer my sister came to live with me in Ottawa. Typical student housing meant people coming in and out. Dinner was always a communal event. Conversations ranged from the crazy neighbors to the stranger sleeping on our couch that night, but on special nights conversation turned to our role as global citizens.  I remember Owen Scott coming over when we would try to make the Zambian meal of nshima and fresh canola, sitting on the front porch eating with our hands. It is these nights that conversations about our role in the world would come about it is these nights that EWB would come to mind. When the opportunity to become involved with EWB I knew that in no matter what form, I wanted to have a role. And so it began, two years later, in a few weeks I will be learning to make nshima myself, traveling across the world to play my part in Engineers Without Borders.

Most information is found on their web-site.

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