About Ann

I am Ann Simmons, a third(ish) year International Development Student at the University of Ottawa.

I grew up in a small town 45 minutes north of London ON, called Hensall ON. The population is 1300, and it is where I call home. I love small towns, and the communities that flourish in that kind of environment.

My history,
or I guess life experiences that have contributed to me being me are.

My fantastic family, all of them. It would take me hours to describe each of them in detail, so we will leave it with fantastic. Friends of course are included in that, as many of them have been there for me just as my family has been.

Jobs, I feel like what jobs people have had shape them in a major way. So here is my a very brief sampling of my job history.

-Dog walking. (It might seem trivial, but I learned a lot taking care of creatures who in most cases are loved like children. This is an awful lot of responsibility 🙂  )
-A family kind of job, one that I have shared with siblings and cousins, is cleaning the offices at the Screen Door Factory. There is something very grounding about cleaning toilets on a Saturday morning.
-Camp counselor, terrifying. These are people’s CHILDREN! I was 16. Loved every second of it 🙂
-Broccoli farm. Farm work of any kind is impossible to put into words. In order to understand it, you have to do it.
-Sierra Youth Collation. I learned what an NGO does and how quickly (slowlllllly) things move.
-Life Organic. I have never learned so much in a job. Small buisness consumes a person. You live your job.
-Bridgehead coffee. Yumm, I have found the community I crave. I love my coffee shop job.

Volunteer/other stuff
-Rotary Youth Exchange for one year to Bulgaria.In 2004/2005
-Canada World Youth 2006/2007 Guatemala and Alberta.
Worked with a NGO North South, and then in Canada I worked at a recycling depot. It was amazing. I love garbage.

Yeesh, I know there is more, but I am bored and it is all about me. 🙂

I need to post this up or it will be too late and then no one will know who I am.

Oh yes, the disclaimer.

This blog is just Ann’s thoughts and does not reflect Engineers Without Borders. It is just my individual blog. I just happen to be involved, but still separate. So don’t get mad at EWB, just get mad at me.


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