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The flight..

May 18, 2010 1 comment

Misleading title. We actually didn’t get on the flight. But we did get to the airport, through security and on the express moving sidewalk thing. It was a sad walk back.

It was quite a pre-adventure. We will call it our dress rehearsal, and my goodness we did it well.

Currently we are at the EWB house, refusing to un-pack, so the bags stay in the living room creating a larger fire hazard then any of us would like admit.

Our heads and our hearts were ready to leave last night, it is weird feeling to say goodbye to yourself, we will change this summer. Time anywhere makes a person grow. Coming back to the house was not what we had expected to do last night, and I think we were all a little in shock when we finally got home in the wee hours of the morning.

Pre-departure training was a unique experience, it was intense. We worked hard, much of our time was spent learning about our roles in our placements.

Our homework one night was to create a value chain (see value chain tab) for anything. Jessica and I choose to do honey. A simple chain that looks at inputs, production, processing and distribution of a product. The original process was simple.

Source: Hans Hesse Intro to Agriculture Value Chains

Yet, when we presented it to Trevor, he shut us down pretty quickly 🙂 in a good way. We weren’t diving into the complexity of the AVC. we were then sent to the board with an hour to figure it all out. After a quick learning curve involving tomatoes in Ontario we went to it. Below is the result.

Check out our chalk board masterpiece

Anyway, I will post more about AVCs hopefully tomorrow. It has gotten late already, and today has been a long day figuring out how to fix the flights and get us to Southern Africa as soon as possible.

We are now leaving on Wednesday, volcano clouds permitting.

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