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The Final Countdown.

In less then 24 hours I will be hopping on a train and heading to Toronto. Pre-dep starts on Sunday and I am excited to get it all started. So many hours of “pre-pre-depping” and I am finally so close to re-uniting with the Southern Africa group.

I called Mark, the APS that I will be working with, and had a chat. It was very neat to hear more about what he is doing and what I will be working on. As the business is relatively new there is lots to do, and many people to meet.

By the sounds of it I will be based out of Solwezi (north-west Zambia)  for most of the summer, but get to travel around with the other staff to smaller communities. I think a lot of what I will be doing is working with the agents Mark has hired, we will be trying to find other people to be agents and working with community members interested in the Rent-to-Own business.

Starting a business is something that I have always been very interested in, there are so many aspects that have to be explored. I have been checking out business plan structures, looking at different forms of catalogs, how to run a “cash and carry”, what to look for when hiring people and the role of “risk” for many of the farmers involved.

This past semester I was in a Development Economics course and it is exciting to see how I can apply some of what I have learned to what I am doing this summer.

Well, I am going to read and organize a bit more. Send any questions you have!

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  1. Emily
    May 9, 2010 at 10:43 pm

    How long are you in Toronto for?

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