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Packing for the Future.

April 27, 2010 Leave a comment

Thirteen (13) days. 312 hours. 18 720 minutes. 1 123 200 seconds.

Simply put, not a lot time.

My name is Ann, and I will be heading to Zambia in 13 days.

This summer will be one filled with learning, adventure, passion and change. I am volunteering with Engineers Without Borders (EWB) and my title is Junior Fellow (JF). JF Ann. Sounds pretty snazzy.

My placement is working with Agriculture Value Chains (AVCs) in North West Zambia, I am working with an organization called Rent-to-Own, more on that when I get some more information and know exactly what I am working on 🙂

I invite everyone reading to ask questions, about anything! People who know me will know that I love to talk and discuss, so please interact with me. This blog is important on so many levels, this experience is not just mine, but everyone who has put time into EWB and contribute to the work all of the volunteers do in Canada and in Africa.

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